B.C. Supreme Court judge to deliver verdict for two accused killers in Surrey Six case on October 2

HEADLINES CRIME 2008 Chris Mohan Memorial

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Wedge will deliver her verdict in the trial of Cody Haevischer and Matt Johnston, whoare charged with six counts of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the Surrey Six murders, on October 2.

Another co-accused, Jamie Bacon, who will be tried separately, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Corey Lal and, along with Haevischer and Johnston, conspiracy to commit murder in Lal’s death.

This month, Bacon was charged with three more counts in an alleged plot to kill a former Red Scorpion who can only be referred to as Person X because of a court ban on his name.

The Crown says that Red Scorpions gang members went to apartment 1505 of the Balmoral Towers at 9830 East Whalley Ring Road in Surrey on October 19, 2007, to kill a rival drug dealer Corey Lal because he had failed to pay $100,000 they had demanded from him for trafficking on their turf, and they killed five others to ensure that there would be no witnesses.

Innocent victims Chris Mohan, 22, and Edward J. Schellenberg, 55, of Abbotsford and four other victims who police said led criminal lifestyles – brothers Corey Lal, 21, and Michael Lal, 26, and Edward Narong, 22, and Ryan Bartolomeo, 19 – were killed execution-style.


(Photo: Chris Mohan memorial. Photo by Chandra Bodalia)