Red Scorpions’ gang leader Jamie Bacon to be tried in Surrey Six murders case


THE B.C. Court of Appeal on Thursday announced on Thursday that Red Scorpions’ gang leader Jamie (James Kyle) Bacon can be tried in the notorious Surrey Six murders case.

Bacon was charged by direct indictment on one count of first degree murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder.

The B.C. Court of Appeal noted: “On December 1, 2017, after lengthy pre‑trial proceedings, the judge stayed the proceedings.

“The Crown appealed that order. The appeal is allowed and the charges are remitted to the trial court for trial.”

The Court said on its website: “As a consequence of issues of various privileges and confidential information, the British Columbia Supreme Court judgment is sealed and the hearing of the appeal was in camera. The multiple issues of confidentiality means that our full reasons for judgment must be sealed and only an abbreviated version complying with the obligations of confidentiality may be released to the public.

“The division is presently consulting with counsel to canvass the text of the abbreviated reasons so as to allow for public release of reasons for judgment that comply with the requirements of confidentiality.

“The final abbreviated version of the reasons for judgment will be released in chambers and made available to the public.”

Chris Mohan memorial. Photo by Chandra Bodalia

BACON had been charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit the murder of Corey Lal, one of six people who died on October 19, 2007, at the Balmoral Tower building in Surrey.  In 2014, Cody Haevischer and Matthew Johnston were convicted of six counts of first degree murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder in relation to this case.  Both offenders are now serving life sentences with no chance of parole for 25 years. However, they have appealed their convictions.

In an abbreviated ruling, the court announced that an application for a stay of proceedings to terminate the prosecution brought by Bacon had been granted, and the two charges on the indictment had been judicially stayed.

In its ruling, the court concluded that the evidence adduced, the materials filed, and the reasons for entering the stay of proceedings must remain sealed.

The Crown appealed the order.

Innocent victims Chris Mohan, 22, a South Asian, and Edward J. Schellenberg, 55, of Abbotsford and four other victims who police say led criminal lifestyles – brothers Corey Jason Michael Lal, 21, and Michael Justin Lal, 26, and Edward (Eddie) Sousakhone Narong, 22, and Ryan Bartolomeo, 19 – were executed in typical gang-style fashion at Apartment 1505 of the Balmoral Towers at 9830 East Whalley Ring Road in Surrey on October 19, 2007.