B.C. wants to seize three Vancouver homes allegedly used by Sanghera group

THE provincial director of civil forfeiture has filed a lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court in an attempt to seize three Vancouver homes in the 1200-block East 63rd Avenue that he alleges has been used by the Sanghera crime group for, among other things, drug trafficking and storage of firearms. The lawsuit lists crimes dating back to 2003 in connection to the houses.

The lawsuit alleges that Udham Sanghera’s wife, who in 2004 became the registered owner of the properties, was aware of the criminal activities there or was wilfully blind to them. It alleges that she benefitted from the crimes and that her equity was bought with money from unlawful activities, the Province newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The director says in his lawsuit that there were a raft of shootings reportedly linked to gang conflicts in the Lower Mainland and more than half occurred in southeastern Vancouver.  He goes on to state that Vancouver Police formed a task force to investigate drug-trafficking groups in or around the South Slope.

Members of the Sanghera crime group were charged with firearms offences. Charges against Udham Sanghera, the alleged leader, and Gordon Taylor were stayed in 2011. Sanghera’s son and two of his nephews were later convicted of a number of firearm offences. Two other co-accused were acquitted.

None of the allegations contained in the lawsuit have been proven in court. No response has been filed to the lawsuit.