BC contributing $1 million for Red Cross to support Ukrainians

MIKE Farnworth, Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, in a statement on Friday in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, said that B.C. is contributing $1 million for the Red Cross to support the people of Ukraine who are suffering from this illegal act of war.

He said: “We join the Prime Minister and allied nations in deploring Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Our province stands with those who understand Europe’s peace following two world wars depends on respecting international law.”

Farnworth added: “As we stand with those who want to live in peace and against those who commit deplorable and illegal acts of aggression, we have put an immediate halt to the importing and sale of Russian liquor products from our BC Liquor Stores and provincial liquor distribution centres.

“We are working with Ottawa on how British Columbia can support the coordinated sanctions from the federal government.”