BC Liberals call for review of systemic NDP failures during 2021 disasters

FOLLOWING an emergency debate in the Legislature on the flooding crisis impacting communities throughout the province, the BC Liberals on Thursday called on the government to take immediate action to identify and overcome the systemic failures that have plagued the NDP’s bungled responses to three separate disasters this year.

“On behalf of everyone who is shocked and terrified by the events of this week, or the heat dome this summer, or the wildfires that raged until not that long ago, I’m asking the NDP to step up, show some leadership, and commit to doing better,” said Interim Leader of the Official Opposition Shirley Bond. “People should be able to rely on government to clearly communicate in times of crisis, but that is not happening with the NDP. We need an immediate review of this government’s pattern of failed responses to disasters this past year.”

The BC Liberals are asking the NDP government to:

* initiate an all-party working group to review the provincial government’s response to emergencies and discuss ways to improve government communications, disaster preparedness, and emergency response protocols;
* immediately expedite the actions and procedures needed to ensure the Alert Ready System is activated and ready for use; and
* immediately begin holding regular public briefings to outline specific details relating to disaster coordination, emergency response, and recovery to provide the media and all British Columbians access to expert officials and up-to-date information.
“After a summer of wildfires, which saw an entire town destroyed just 141 days ago, and a devastating heat dome that took the lives of nearly 600 British Columbians, people have lost trust in this government’s ability to properly warn people of impending disasters and get people the help they need in times of crisis,” added Bond.

“While our previous offers to work across party lines on vital issues like the opioid crisis and reconciliation have been rejected, now has to be the time for the NDP to finally show leadership and collaborate with all parties. Together, let’s do the work necessary to get British Columbians the help they need now, and undertake a full review to help the NDP identify and overcome this pattern of failure and restore public confidence going forward.”