BC Liberals: Plan keeps seniors at home longer, single-room long-term care homes

THE BC Liberals said on Sunday that more can and must be done to ensure seniors and our loved ones can stay at home, close to family and friends, for as long as possible and are provided with the best possible place to live when a care facility is needed.

They announced the new Seniors’ Home Care Tax Credit in addition to a five-year $1-billion plan that will help seniors stay in their homes longer and live their best possible lives in long-term care facilities.

“Unlike the NDP’s plan, which does nothing for seniors now, our plan provides relief for seniors immediately, and will help them stay at home longer with a tax credit of up to $7,000 for home care services,” said BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson. “Our $1-billion plan will improve long-term care homes and get seniors their own rooms far sooner than the NDP’s 10-year plan.”

The BC Liberal seniors plan will introduce:

  • * The Seniors’ Home Care Tax Credit, which provides a new tax credit of up to $7,000 a year for those receiving home care so more seniors can live in their own homes longer.
  • * A five-year, $1-billion long-term care home plan that will replace and upgrade outdated long-term care homes and assisted living residences to ensure every senior who wants a private room can have one.

“The heartbreaking COVID-19 impacts on our long-term care facilities and assisted living residences are a tragedy that can never happen again,” concluded Wilkinson. “We need to make it easier for seniors to stay at home longer and when long-term care is needed — our loved ones get the care they deserve.”

The BC Liberals said they will act to help get seniors the supports they need right now, unlike B.C. Liberal Leader John Horgan’s approach of offering unrealistic 10-year plans and making promises he never actually keeps.