BC Liberals want government to take ‘real action’ on homelessness

BC Liberal Critic for Housing ​Mike Bernier, in response to the 2020/21 Report on Homeless Counts in B.C., said on Wednesday that it “reinforces the need for the NDP government to start taking real action to combat the challenges faced by far too many British Columbians.”

Bernier added: “An 11.5 per cent increase in people experiencing homelessness is simply unacceptable. Government made a commitment to provide affordable housing and has completely failed to meet those objectives​, and people are paying the price with tragic consequences.”

He said: “It’s especially shocking to see 222 children homeless with a parent, but it’s sadly not surprising. At a time when life has never been less affordable and more than 50 per cent of British Columbians are less than $200 away from not being able to pay the bills, the NDP need to take direct action to help with affordability, mental health supports and housing.

“Words of sympathy always come easily to the NDP but the actions to back them up don’t. This is a challenge across the province and British Columbians deserve a government that will act.”