Biased poll by desperate National Police Federation won’t be able to sabotage Surrey Police Service

THE desperate RCMP officers’ union, the National Police Federation, and the biased white mainstream media’s persistent attack on Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum is going to ridiculous heights to try and sabotage the Surrey Police Service.

The latest so-called poll in an atmosphere that has been vitiated by half-truths, outright lies, personal attacks and slander by pro-RCMP forces to maintain white privilege and sabotage democracy in Surrey shows that former mayor Dianne Watts would easily defeat McCallum in an election.

Fifty-five per cent of those surveyed said they would vote for Watts, compared to 27 per cent for McCallum. Eighteen per cent would vote for another candidate.

The poll was CLEARLY BIASED as it deliberately scared many Surrey-ites by the pro-RCMP forces’ slimy propaganda of the pandemic causing financial distress and suggesting the transition to the new police force should therefore be put off (READ: Keep the RCMP!)

The union has even tried to turn South Asians against the Surrey Police Service by giving biased ads to certain South Asian media that would apparently do anything for money.

The RCMP has always been notorious for its DIRTY TRICKS – many that this reporter himself has exposed since the 1990s!

THE facts are – and The VOICE has repeated these again and again to expose the anti-democracy forces:

1. Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum and seven of his Safe Surrey Coalition members won the election fair and square on the pledge that they would form a Surrey police force to replace the RCMP. In fact, all the eight new Councillors, including the lone one from Surrey First, voted to ditch the RCMP at the very first Council meeting.

2. The Police Act says that any city with a population of more than 5,000 can decide what type of police force they want. So, when the City of Surrey approached the Provincial Government with its proposal, the latter had no option but to give the go-ahead. In spite of three Councillors ditching McCallum’s group, the mayor still controls the majority vote in Surrey Council.

3. Among the tactics that the pro-RCMP forces started resorting to was the call for a referendum on the change in policing. However, legally, only the City can authorize such a referendum – the Province or the federal government cannot. Yet despite this fact, the RCMP bosses have been apparently inciting their supporters to carry on with that demand.

And, as we bluntly pointed out just recently: “The fact is that the opposition is actually directed against the South Asians in Surrey. There has been blatant racism and many South Asians will stop cooperating with the RCMP if they succeed in sabotaging the new police force.

“That will create a very dangerous atmosphere in Surrey and will endanger everyone’s life. Make no mistake about it! (And don’t shoot the messenger!)”

THE interesting part of the so-called poll is that it actually shows that McCallum has more support among voters ages 18 to 34, with 42 per cent favouring him.  Only 34 per cent in this age group support Watts.

That clearly shows that the younger generation is smart and will not be fooled by all the biased propaganda of the RCMP union and the white mainstream media.

In any case, McCallum as usual put it best in his statement to the Vancouver Sun: “The only poll that counts for me is the one on election day. I openly ran on the platform to make Surrey safer by bringing a local police service to a city of over 500,000 people. It was a promise I made to the people of Surrey and it is a promise that my team and I have kept.”

And, of course, Watts would love to become the mayor again because she apparently feels terribly frustrated. She quit civic politics to join then-prime minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party because at the time it seemed that Harper would get re-elected and she would be a minister. But Harper lost to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

And let’s NOT FORGET how Watts was deeply humiliated when she very confidently resigned as MP to seek the BC Liberal leadership, but lost to Andrew Wilkinson.

Also, in spite of Watts openly supporting the Tom Gill slate in the last civic election, Surrey-ites snubbed her by electing McCallum and seven Council candidates of his group. Watts looked stunned and humiliated on TV on election night. The white mainstream media was also stunned and humiliated.

MEANWHILE, more and more RCMP officers are getting ready to join the new Surrey Police Service. A survey showed that 14 per cent openly said that they will join the new police force and another 36 per cent refused to firmly say they will stick with the RCMP, and that clearly indicates that 50 per cent will join the new police force. In fact, more than 50 per cent are expected to join the new police force, RCMP sources say. You have to remember that many Mounties would like to keep their intentions secret because of obvious reasons.

The new police board is to hold its second meeting on September 15 to decide on who the chief of the new police force will be.