British Columbia maintains high credit rating with DBRS

BRITISH Columbia’s AA (high) credit rating remains unchanged with the credit rating agency DBRS.

DBRS cites B.C.’s diverse and growing economy, positive budget outlook, ample fiscal capacity and low debt burden as contributing factors to the high rating.

Once again, B.C. has the highest rating among provinces from DBRS. It is also the only province rated triple-A with all three international credit rating agencies: Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch.

In its report, DBRS notes that B.C.’s economic growth has shown “gains in consumption, investment and trade supported by the improving global economy, low interest rates and moderate population growth.” DBRS recognizes the B.C. government’s commitment to balanced budgets and “an ongoing focus on debt affordability.”

DBRS’s AA (high) credit rating means B.C. has lower debt-servicing costs, making more funding available for government’s priorities to make life more affordable, invest in services people count on and build a strong, sustainable economy.