Burnaby Citizens Association releases housing priorities

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan

DEREK Corrigan and the Burnaby Citizens Association this week released their Housing Initiatives for the 2018 election campaign, an important step in building sustainable neighbourhoods and meeting the City’s regional growth requirements.

“Across the entire region housing is an important issue in this election,” said Burnaby Citizens Association’s Derek Corrigan, who is the mayor. “Together with our partners, delivering on providing residents and newcomers to Burnaby with housing, is a job we take seriously.”

He added that this announcement confirms Burnaby is meeting its regional growth targets and the first to implement the new rental zoning powers recently granted by the provincial government. With provincial government support, more than 16 affordable housing projects are built or under way with plans by Burnaby to allocate $200 million of non-taxpayers funds to support the building of more new affordable rentals and co-operatives.

“We are one of a few municipalities actually meeting growth targets and the first and most proactive on rental zoning powers we have demanded for decades. Now we can make sure there is replacement of current purpose built rental units, available to current tenants, at regulated, affordable rates,” said Corrigan.

“We are a leader on housing,” said Colleen Jordan, long-time Burnaby Citizens Association City Councillor. “We are proud to have approved non-market housing projects including the newly built Derby Manor, Cedar Place and the just approved Norland Supportive Housing Project.”

The Burnaby Citizens Association also committed to consult with the community on additional measures to provide affordable housing including:

* The expansion of secondary suites to duplexes,
* Laneway homes,
* Introduction of a vacant homes tax to encourage rentals, with the funds going towards Burnaby’s housing fund, and
* Review short term rentals to regulate or license these businesses with the aim to provide more long term rental accommodation.