Canadian Taxpayers Federation: Metro Vancouver Board climbing down

THE Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) said on Wednesday that it was pleased to see that politicians on the Metro Vancouver Board will have a chance to reverse their spring break decision and cancel their retroactive retirement bonuses and pay hikes.
“This is the right thing for them to do, and we will be at the meeting to make sure that these city councillors and mayors follow through and cancel these unjustifiable pay hikes and retirement cash grabs,” said Kris Sims, BC Director of the CTF. “Taxpayers throughout the region spoke up loud and clear on this issue, and the board members appear to be listening – this is a very good sign, but the battle isn’t won yet.”
In March, the majority of the Metro Vancouver Board voted for pay hikes and retroactive retirement bonuses for themselves. On average, departing members would get $15,000 each.
“Politicians who sit on this board are already paid a salary by taxpayers for their work as mayors and city councillors, this Metro Vancouver Board is a secondary panel where they are paid very generously to attend meetings,” Sims added. “Taxpayers flooded talk show lines and politicians’ inboxes and told them that they were fed up, so it’s good to see them being accountable and responsive.”
For example, the Metro Vancouver Board chair is paid $77,474 per year, that’s on top of a mayor’s salary. The Metro Vancouver Board Vice Chair is paid $38,737 per year, that’s on top of a Vancouver city councillor salary of $82,029 per year. Metro Vancouver Board and Committee members are paid $775 per meeting more than four hours, and $387 for meetings that run under four hours.
The meeting to consider reversing the pay hikes and retirement bonus takes place on April 27.