Canadian woman busted for trying to smuggle drugs in fake pregnancy belly

When a pregnant-looking Canadian woman tried to board a flight home from Colombia in August, police touched her belly and found it was hard and freezing cold, according to the Associated Press.

BBC News reported a police officer at Bogota’s International Airport asked the tourist how far along she was in her pregnancy, and the woman reacted strangely to the question. The officer then touched her protruding belly and felt something very wrong, according to the BBC.

They searched the woman, who had been trying to return to Toronto, and found a latex pregnancy belly hiding 2kg of cocaine, worth about $60,000 on the street, according to reports. The Associated Press reported 28-year-old Tabitha Leah Ritchie has been charged with drug trafficking, possession and production of drugs, which could lead to a sentence of five to eight years in prison.

Colombian authorities told media there are 874 foreigners in their jails, most of them held on drug charges. The strangest recent cases include three women disguised as nuns who reportedly hid cocaine beneath their habits, according to the BBC, and a woman charged with hiding cocaine in her breast implants.