City of Vancouver announces official results for 2018 election: Kennedy Stewart declared winner

CITY of Vancouver’s Chief Election Officer on Wednesday declared the candidates elected with the highest vote totals in the October 20 municipal election.  The election verification process is complete.

Voter turnout was 39.36 per cent: 176,450 of the 448,332 registered voters in the City of Vancouver.

Official elected candidates


Office of the Mayor (1 elected)


Candidate name Votes
STEWART,  Kennedy 49,705



Office of Councillor (10 elected)

Candidate name Votes
CARR,  Adriane 69,730
FRY,  Pete 61,806
DE GENOVA,  Melissa 53,251
SWANSON,  Jean 48,865
HARDWICK,  Colleen 47,747
WIEBE,  Michael 45,593
BOYLE,  Christine 45,455
DOMINATO,  Lisa 44,689
BLIGH,  Rebecca 44,053
KIRBY-YUNG,  Sarah 43,581

Office of Park Board Commissioner (7 elected)


Candidate name Votes
MACKINNON,  Stuart 73,549
DEMERS,  Dave 73,167
DUMONT,  Camil 65,303
COUPAR,  John 49,768
BARKER,  Tricia 48,786
GIESBRECHT,  Gwen 48,404
IRWIN,  John 46,287



 Office of School Trustee (9 elected)


Candidate name Votes
FRASER,  Janet 75,100
GONZALEZ,  Estrellita 58,409
REDDY,  Jennifer 52,757
HANSON,  Oliver 49,932
BALLANTYNE,  Fraser 49,793
CHO,  Carmen 49,541
CHAN-PEDLEY,  Lois 48,409
PARROTT,  Barb 48,189
WONG,  Allan 47,301


Capital Plan borrowing questions


Vancouver voters also voted on three capital plan borrowing questions, which will provide infrastructure funding from 2019-2022. The official results are below.


Question Yes votes No votes
Question 1: Transportation and technology 118,344 40,178


Question 2: Capital maintenance and renovation programs for existing community facilities, civic facilities, and parks 121,453




Question 3: Replacement of existing community facilities and civic facilities 108,545





The verification process

The 2018 city election had a large number of candidates (158), resulting in a longer than usual ballot which caused paper jams in the vote counting machines at some locations. The election verification process this year included recounting approximately 57,156 ballots from 50 voting places. These voting places were selected based on whether the voting place experienced a delay on voting day, the number of ballots that jammed in the machines, or whether there were discrepancies in the records kept by the Presiding Election Officials.

As a result of this significant review, there are minor vote changes from the preliminary results for many candidates, but the final results do not change the final election standing.

The full vote counts are now available at Results by voting place will be available on the website within the next few weeks. A full download of election data will be available later in fall, in the open data section of the City of Vancouver website.