2017 Honda Civic Si:  Affordable performance! 

By Autoreviewman

For 2017, the venerable Honda Si sports sedan and coupe returns with many changes, first up, the engine is now replaced with a   turbocharged, 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine that develops 205 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque, connected to a six-speed manual gearbox. (The only transmission available.) There is a lighter curb weight, a stiffer body structure, and sport tuned chassis, a lower ride height, combined with a sport orientated suspension, and performance 18-inch tires on alloy rims. The exterior is also more dramatic, with bigger air intakes, LED lights, central chrome exhaust tips, a large rear spoiler, and sunroof.

The SI interior cabin is also specific to this model, with exclusive, high bolstered sport seats with red contrast stitching and embroidered Si logos. There is also a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and leather/aluminum-topped shift knob, and red TFT instrumentation. A faux carbon-finish instrument panel and alloy sport pedals round off the look.

The Si comes extremely well equipped with dual-zone climate control, an electronic parking brake, an infotainment system with seven-inch screen as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration,

In term of performance, the 2017 Si has a big horsepower and torque boost thanks to the larger turbocharger and increased intake and exhaust flow. Horsepower is up from 174 to 205, and torque from 167 to 192 lb-ft. Combine it with the slick six speed manual tranny with its delightful short throw action and it’s a potent mix.  The suspension upgrades also stiffen, quicken and stabilize handling with the Si’s firmer springs, stiffer bushings and thicker roll bars; with multi-valve adaptive dampers. There is also an as standard front mechanical limited-slip differential to cope with better performance.

On the road, the Si is a wonderful car to drive, you sit firmly ensconced in the deeply supportive sport seats and everything falls to the hand and feet with the excellent ergonomics.  The close ratio shifter is delight to use with it’s a nice firm. Positive snick as you change up and down. Gearshift are very satisfying as the turbo engine revs smoothly and willingly up the tach range. Floor the gas when safe and there is very little turbo lag.    In closing, the Si comes across as an affordable sporty car that offers a mix of satisfying driving and ownership. It seat four in comfort, five at a push, is practical and versatile.  Highly recommend if true performance for a lot less is what you want.

 2017 Honda Civic Si Priced from $28,890