Green Party will be committing suicide if it supports Christy Clark’s Liberals

Andrew Weaver

IAN Holliday, a research associate with Angus Reid Institute, has in a piece titled “Working with the Liberals may be the practical choice for Weaver, but it’s not what Green supporters voted for” shown that if Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver ends up supporting Premier Christy Clark and her B.C. Liberals, his party would be doomed.

He noted: “In the Angus Reid Institute’s final public survey on the election, twice as many Green supporters listed the New Democratic Party as their second choice (42%) as listed the Liberals (21%). And Green voters – like most B.C. residents – hold overwhelmingly negative views of Clark. More than eight-in-ten (83%) said their opinion of her was unfavourable, and six-in-ten (59%) said their view of her had worsened since the campaign began.”

He also noted: “Fully nine-in-ten Green voters (93%) say Clark is “untrustworthy,” two-thirds (65%) say she’s incompetent, most (56%) say she lacks a vision for B.C., and nearly all of them (97%) say she stands for her political donors and big business, not ordinary British Columbians.”

He said that though Green supporters also voice a great deal of skepticism toward NDP leader John Horgan, their distaste for him is less pronounced than it is for Clark.

Holliday pointed out: “Green supporters are more likely to see eye-to-eye with the NDP than the Liberals on a host of policy issues, from housing, to pipelines, to taxation, to the future of Medical Services Plan (MSP) premiums.”

He added: “In terms of their policy priorities, the Greens have much more in common with the NDP than the BC Liberals, and Green supporters know it.

“Six-in-ten Greens (60%) said they would be upset if the Liberals won the election. That’s almost twice as many as said they would be upset if the NDP won (33%).”

After going through Holiday’s analysis it is quite clear that the Green Party wil be committing suicide if it ends up supporting Clark and the Liberals.