Threats on social media in connection with South Delta Secondary School unfounded: Delta Police

IN the evening hours of April 12, Delta Police received information from concerned parents regarding a conversation among high school students on a social media platform that was threatening in nature. Initial reports were that there were threats against the safety of the students of South Delta Secondary School (SDSS).

Delta Police said the original comment – “Do not come to school tomorrow” – grew and was added to and embellished to the point that there was a belief that there was a threat to students at SDSS. This belief of a threat is completely understandable and it was most appropriate for parents to call police.

Police took this matter seriously and investigated it thoroughly engaging parents, school administration and the School Liaison Officer.

Delta Police said that through their efforts they were able to determine there was no threat to the safety of the staff or students at SDSS. This was a case of social media having a far reach and the message growing beyond the original intent taking on a life of its own.

To ensure confidence and reassurance for parents and students and to dispel rumors, the school administration sent a message to parents providing an overview of the situation and actions taken. Additionally, on Friday morning the principal and staff of SDSS along with the School Liaison Officer are making themselves available to answer any questions and concerns parents may have.

Delta Police said they are encouraged and thankful that parents reached out and called for assistance. This allowed police and school administration to bring this to a resolve as quickly as possible.