Conservatives are now ahead of Liberals – for now at least – and Gordon Campbell wants to run too!

PRIME MINISTER STEPHEN HARPER OffPRIME Minister Stephen Harper can smile a bit more broadly as the latest Global News Ipsos Reid – conducted between January 6 and 11 – his party is now ahead of the Liberals under Justin Trudeau.

If an election were to be held tomorrow, the Conservatives would get 35 per cent of the vote (an increase of two per cent from last month) while the Liberals would get 31 per cent of the vote (a decrease of three per cent since last month).

The NDP under Tom Mulcair, as expected, remains firmly struck in third place with 24 per cent of the vote.

The Bloc Quebecois has six per cent support while the Green Party commands four per cent of the votes.

Let’s see how long the Conservatives will stay on top.


LIBERALS PREMIER GORDON CAMPBELL offMEANWHILE, decent British Columbians are in a state of shock as they heard that a polling outfit has been asking residents of the new Vancouver-Granville riding if they would vote for former premier Gordon Campbell – that hated guy who left in disgrace when he tried to fool the people about the hated HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).

Don’t power hungry politicians have even an iota of shame or self-respect?

That’s what everyone is wondering about Campbell!

His chum Harper rewarded him for his HST support by appointing him as Canada’s high commissioner to Britain.

Wouldn’t that work against Harper in B.C.?