Conservatives tell Trump and his supporters to respect American people’s will

CONSERVATIVE Critic for Foreign Affairs Michael Chong on Thursday said in a statement that “the violence of an unruly mob incited by outgoing President [Donald] Trump that attacked America’s national legislature in Washington DC, that was meeting to certify the results of the recent US election, is an affront to the shared principles that both Canada and the United States have had in common for more than a century.”

Chong noted: “Principles such as a belief in democracy and the rule of law, and in the peaceful transition of power based on democratic elections.”

He added: “Canada is the closest ally and friend of the United States. We share close economic, cultural, and security ties and are bound together by hundreds of years of history and family.

“Conservatives call on President Trump and his supporters to respect the will of the American people, respect the will of states who have confirmed these results and respect the will of American courts that have reaffirmed these results.”