Consultation launched after release of Off-Dock Drayage Insights Report

THE B.C. government on Wednesday announced the release of a new report as part of its ongoing review of the off-dock sector to improve competitiveness for licensed truckers and to drive fairness in the sector.

“We are committed to ensuring fairness and stability throughout the container-trucking sector,” said Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “That’s why I’ve asked the B.C. container-trucking commissioner to consult with companies and workers in the ongoing review of the off-dock sector.”

The commissioner will meet with industry to discuss the findings of the new report on off-dock drayage. The report provides several important insights on the state of off-dock drayage and potential opportunities to realize efficiencies and provide more flexibility for companies and how they deploy their fleets.

Based on the report findings, the consultation will look at opportunities to make targeted adjustments to rates, policy and regulation to ensure fair and equitable working conditions that support a stable, efficient and competitive container-trucking sector. It is expected that the commissioner will prepare recommendations by this fall.

Under direction from the minister, the ministry partnered with the Office of the British Columbia Container Trucking Commissioner to take a closer look and consult with industry on off-dock trips. They will also look for opportunities to enhance efficiencies, competitiveness and promote fairness in the Vancouver gateway. Cascadia Partners was tasked with preparing a report intended to help better understand the flows of off-dock container movements that support containerized shipping throughout the Lower Mainland to help inform policy and decision making.

This report builds on the work government has completed over the last three years. In May 2018, government increased trip rates and hourly wages by 2.6% for licensed container-truck drivers at the port. The minimum daily call-out rate was raised from $200 to $300. In July 2019, base rates were again increased across the board by 2% and a $25 positioning move rate was implemented to improve incomes for truckers.

The government also enhanced the commissioner’s powers to implement changes to rates and remuneration, while continuing to ensure drivers were being appropriately paid.

“We heard clearly that more needed to be done to help improve conditions for truck drivers,” Trevena said. “That’s why we’ve worked to put more money in the pockets of drivers. This review continues our work to support good livelihoods and ensure stability in the sector.”

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