Dal Khalsa demands list of all those killed during Operation Bluestar

AMRITSAR: The Dal Khalsa, which took out a march in Amritsar Wednesday culminating at Akal Takht to observe the anniversary of Operation Bluestar, called upon the Parkash Singh Badal government to release the list of all those killed during that army operation as law and order was a state subject.

Dal Khalsa President Harcharanjit Singh Dhami who led the march called Genocide Remembrance Parade said law and order being the state subject, the state government must have this list. In case the list was not with the state government or it can take refuse in this argument, we would like to know whether any Akali Dal government has sent any formal communication to the government at the centre demanding the list at any time. He said the people have a right to know the names of these who were martyred by the army during Operation Bluestar.

He said wounds of June 84 had not healed and we still nursed agony and anguish against the tyranny of the Indian state and the role of the Congress party in particular.

The organisation adopted a resolution saying, “Twenty-nine years ago, with the attack on Darbar Sahib, the then government of India laid the foundation stone for independent state. The sentiments of sovereignty that was strengthened by army attack on Darbar Sahib have not been buried with the passage of time and change in political scenario. There may not be any public manifestation of such sentiments but all Sikhs desire to be self-ruler”.

Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said the aim behind today’s ‘Genocide Remembrance Parade’ was to reiterate the cause for thousands Sikhs who laid down their lives in 1984 while defending the attack on their faith. Twenty nine years have passed, thousands have died and equal numbers had suffered long imprisonments but no problem, no issue of Sikhs had been solved till date. He said the sacrifice of the June 1984 martyrs would never be allowed to go in vain.

Khalsa Action Committee chairman Bhai Mohkam Singh said Sikhs would never forget or forgive the crimes of June 1984″.

Activists of the organisation carrying Sikh Flag marched in the treets of the holy city carrying placards and signboards on which it was written, “remembering the Genocide of Sikhs at the cruel hands of India” along with the damaged photographs of Akal Takht Sahib. They chanted slogans in favour of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and denounced the government of India for committing what they called the “crime against the humanity”. The protestors pledged to keep the aspirations and mission alive.