Delta Police investigation targets Brother’s Keepers gang activities

DRUGS and weapons associated to the Brother’s Keepers gang were seized and arrests made following a recent Delta Police Drug Section investigation.

On Friday, February 15, Delta Police executed a search warrant on a residence in Surrey that had been the target of a drug trafficking investigation associated to the Brother’s Keepers gang / group.

As a result of the search warrant a significant quantity of drugs packaged for sale, including a suspected bulk quantity of fentanyl, was located. Investigators also recovered a loaded firearm, a replica restricted firearm and two bullet proof vests. Three persons located inside the residence were arrested without incident and later released from custody pending charge approval by Crown Counsel.

“This seizure highlights the inherent dangers and violence associated to drug trafficking,” said Staff-Sgt. Heath Newton, who headed up the investigation, dubbed Project Infinity. “This investigation is also an example of the ongoing efforts by police to stem the opioid crisis and the gang crime gripping the Lower Mainland and the province at large.”

Delta Police said their investigators will be forwarding evidence from this multi-month investigation to Crown Counsel seeking charge approval on multiple members and associates of the Brothers Keepers gang.

Delta Police thanked the RCMP LMD Emergency Response Team and members of the CFSEU-BC’s Uniformed Gang Enforcement Team for their assistance in the execution of the search warrant.


  1. This is one of the reason’s why I always wanted to join the rcmp and get the ongoing criminal activities out of our beautiful community. Canada has provided us with so many beautiful options to live a peaceful,honest and respected life, but just because of some unkind and unresponsive people, we all suffer.
    I greatly appreciate our team for their effort and ability to cut down on at least some wrongdoers.
    The almighty always bless our country and our land.

    Tilak Murti

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