Dhoni strikes record bat deal for Rs 25 crore

A Rs 25 crore deal has confirmed MS Dhoni’s status as world cricket’s biggest name, with two brands in sports and education, Spartan Sports and Amity University, jumping on to the opportunity to piggyback on the India captain.

Dhoni is an addition to a Spartan Sports lineup that already features Australian Test captain Michael Clarke and Olympic gold medal-winning Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice on its rolls.

The range, ‘7 by MSD’, is expected to enter the market soon and Dhoni’s bats will also sport the logo. Spartan Sports said they would benefit from Dhoni’s direct involvement in promoting the exclusive range.

“MS Dhoni is one of the world’s best cricket players and a global sports icon that has transcended generations and cultures,” Spartan Sports managing director Kunal Sharma said. “This relationship will create innovative cricket products. We are extremely thrilled.”

The logo of Amity University, a group with interests in education, will also feature on Dhoni’s bat. The company said it forged the association because its core motto, ‘Always on Top’, matched Dhoni’s captaincy record.

“We are happy to have MS Dhoni joining us. He’s one of the stellar personalities in India and international cricket,” Atul Chauhan, chancellor of Amity University, said.

The India captain, who is now in South Africa, was represented by Arun Pandey of Rhiti Sports — the company that has been managing the player for some time now.

“When marketing high-profile figures, we are always focused on building long-term partnerships. The cooperation between MS Dhoni, Spartan Sports and Amity is the result of sophisticated analyses as well as the high standards and patience to find the right partner,” Pandey said.