Dix Done as leader for next election, says professor

A political science Professor at the University of the Fraser Valley says there is very little chance Adrian Dix will lead the NDP into the next election. Hamish Telford says after last week’s election Dix will have a tough time governing his own caucus.

Telford says Dix has boxed himself in by refusing to give up his positive campaign, “If he, in the next election campaign, tries to be more forceful, more aggressive, people are going to be constantly reminding him, ‘why are you going negative, why aren’t you running a positive campaign?’ This would dog him for the next four years and right into the next campaign. As would his flip-flop on Kinder Morgan and of course, his memo story from the 1990’s won’t have gone away either.”

Telford says the NDP should take the time they need to choose a new leader and avoid the damage of having a revolving door at the top.