Early Childhood expert helps parents & children get ready for new school year

As long summer days of fun in the sun, family vacations, and summer camps come to an end, families are preparing for the start of a new school year. This time of year can be both exciting and challenging for families – the switch to school and work can be a tough transition. Little Sunshine Academy has adopted a new approach to childhood education and is sharing with parents their ideas and activities to use around the home to prepare children for the new school year.

Sampling of tips on how to navigate the shift from casual summer habits:

• Get Everyone on a Schedule – daily rituals are comforting during transition times. Practice your morning routine before school starts, including eating breakfast, laying out clothes the night before and making lunches.

• Make Time – especially during the first few weeks, to be more available than usual. Pay attention to kids’ sleeping patterns and appetites.

• Back to School on a Budget – advance planning, careful shopping and a little research can go a long way in helping you stay within your budget.

• Navigating First Day Jitters – to ease anxiety take your child to their school before the first day to show where their school is located, where you’ll pick them up and drop them off, and generally what to expect.

“The back to school rush can be an overwhelming time for parents and children,” said Founder of Little Sunshine, Peggy Lee. “It’s a time where families are ‘switching gears’. At Little Sunshine, beyond the classroom, we help families with tips and ideas to make the back to school rush less stressful for parents and children alike.”

Little Sunshine has adopted the philosophy that learning is a lifestyle – this model will even help with the transition from summer to back to school mode. Everyday play and activities can be lessons – it’s just about taking an active role in their learning and continuing their education beyond the school walls and helping parents assist with their children’s education all year long.