‘For 23 months in a row, B.C. has had the lowest unemployment rate in the country’

Bruce Ralston
Bruce Ralston

BRUCE Ralston, Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology, on Friday in a statement on the release of Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey for June 2019, noted: “The latest results of the Labour Force Survey show that British Columbia is holding strong. For 23 months in a row, B.C. has had the lowest unemployment rate in the country, at 4.5% in June. Over the past year, 109,100 new jobs were created across a variety of sectors in B.C., including retail, real estate and tech, which have some of the highest gains in employment.”

Ralston added: “Earlier this month, the global credit rating agency Fitch affirmed British Columbia’s AAA credit rating and strong fiscal plan. It was the third international agency to confirm our top credit rating this year, pointing to B.C.’s solid economic performance, stable fiscal plan and a diversifying economy.”

However, he also pointed out: “While the latest statistics show that B.C. maintains a strong economic position in the country, we know some in our province are facing difficult times. I feel for those affected by mill closures and layoffs in the forestry sector and we will continue to support these workers and their families.”

Ralston said: “Investing in people is key to building a healthy economy for generations to come. We’re improving access to skills training and continuing education so that people can unlock their full potential and seize new opportunities. We’re focused on encouraging hiring local people to grow local economies and build thriving communities throughout the province.”