Furstenau congratulates re-elected New Brunswick Green caucus, has a dig at BC NDP

SONIA Furstenau, B.C. Green Party Leader, on Monday offered her congratulations to the New Brunswick Green Party, which re-elected its caucus in the provincial election, and increased their popular support from 11.88% (2018) to 15.24%.

“I am so happy for New Brunswickers that their provincial Green Party is returning to the legislature with such a fierce caucus,” Furstenau said. “David Coon is a passionate, articulate leader who epitomizes what people need today: strength of character, determination, and integrity. His caring vision for the province will go a long ways in holding the New Brunswick government to account. I send my deep congratulations to each of the MLAs-elect.”

She added: “We are fortunate in B.C. to have a government that has passed its budget and has assurance of support through our Confidence and Supply Agreement. Unlike in New Brunswick where their government did not have the necessary support, we have no need for a ‘pandemic election’ in B.C. 

“Simply put, with two overlapping health emergencies, Premier Horgan has a responsibility to govern, not play politics.”