Gian Singh Sandhu celebrates publication of his new book


VOICE’s Special Columnist


Gian Singh Sandhu with The VOICE’s Special Columnist Indira Prahst.

GIAN Singh Sandhu celebrated the publication of his new book titled: “An Uncommon Road: How Canadian Sikhs Struggled out of the Fringes and into the Mainstream,” with the public in Vancouver at the CBC studio on Tuesday.

His book has been well received by the public and can be considered an important archive to illuminate on the racism immigrants faced coming to Canada, the lived experiences of racism and overcoming these struggles.

At the book launch, I asked Mr. Sandhu why he wrote the book. He answered: “The book has a unique perspective on the history of Sikhs, more information from the inside rather than the outside, especially the tumultuous challenges Sikhs faced in the 1980’s and 1990’s and, above all, to educate the public on how Sikhs have contributed positively in building this country”.

Additional key points concerning the book are “tracing the evolution of the Sikh community’s place in Canada since the arrival in 1897” and “it takes the reader on a journey that highlights Sikh community’s struggle, diplomacy, statesmanship and advocacy.”