Grand opening of Vancouver Bangla School

VANCOUVER Bangla School had its grand opening on Monday as enthusiastic parents, children and members of the Bangladeshi community gathered at 1541 East Kent Avenue North in Vancouver at a function organized by the Greater Vancouver Bangladesh Cultural Association (GVBCA).

The initiative to establish a school where children can learn to read and write their mother tongue Bengali and about their culture and ideals was taken by Tariq Malik, President of the GVBCA. Tariq said language connects a person back to their roots and historical background. On behalf of the GVBCA, he sent his heartfelt appreciation and thanks to all community members and volunteers.

He said that this is the only Bangla school in Vancouver and classes are held every Monday at 6:30 p.m.. The fee is by donation, but if parents can’t afford to pay, then it is free of charge. More information is available on the Facebook page of the GVBCA, or you can call 604-218-6036.

He also requested parents to send their children to Vancouver Bangla School.