Civic election: Vancouver NPA’s Ken Sim vows to protect independent businesses

Ken Sim
Photo: NPA Vancouver twitter

NPA mayoral candidate Ken Sim and his Vancouver team have released Building A Strong Local Economy, a plan to keep and attract businesses in Vancouver’s neighbourhoods. In addition, the plan will also focus on driving economic growth to raise wages.

“As mayor, I’ll protect independent businesses and help them grow, by speeding and simplifying business approvals, and addressing property tax challenges so that businesses can thrive and our neighbourhoods can be vibrant,” said Sim, the co-founder of locally based businesses Nurse Next Door and Rosemary Rocksalt, on Wednesday.

Sim said he and the NPA will address the pressing challenges threatening Vancouver’s small businesses – including unresponsive permitting processes, skyrocketing property taxes, and preparing the city for the impacts and opportunities that come with rapid, disruptive technological change.

Sim also noted the link between economic prosperity and affordability: “Vancouverites are paying New York housing prices, but only making Vancouver wages – and that needs to change.

“Strengthening our economy is critical to addressing one half of the affordability crunch that too many Vancouverites are facing.”

He added: “Having started and grown two businesses here in Vancouver, I know there’s an urgent need to build a strong, resilient local economy and get housing built that’s within reach for Vancouverites. Lots of candidates in this race have good ideas, but only the NPA team has the experience and skills to deliver the change Vancouver needs.”

The NPA will continue to release its platform over the coming weeks. The team’s housing and economic plan is available at

A video of Ken Sim talking about the importance of small businesses in Vancouver is available here: