H1N1 cases growing in Canada

H1N1A strain of the flu that’s different from the main one last year is causing problems across the country.

While it was the H3N2 virus that predominated for a few years after a large outbreak in 2009, now many Canadians are catching the H1N1 virus.

Alberta has confirmed almost a thousand cases of H1N1, and has mass immunization clinics opening in four communities. BC’s Chief Medical Health Officer, Perry Kendall, says there has not been much of an increase in flu cases in this province compared to last year.

Kendall says those under 70 are the most susceptible. He says “Children under five don’t have a lot of inherent resistance to the H1N1 because they weren’t born in 2009 when we had mass infections, and we’re also seeing it in younger adults and middle-aged adults.”

Kendall says it’s still worth getting a flu shot if you haven’t yet.