Harjit Sajjan camp nervous about protests at Liberal nomination event in Vancouver South this evening

Lt-Col. (retd.) Harjit Sajjan Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Lt-Col. (retd.) Harjit Sajjan
Photo by Chandra Bodalia


Disaffected Liberal members decided not to protest. After a brief nomination event for Sajjan, everyone went over to a restaurant on Main Street’s Punjabi Market to celebrate.


SOURCES disclose that there is nervousness among the supporters of retired Lieutenant-Colonel Harjit Singh Sajjan, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s blue-eyed boy, that angry Liberals and former Liberals will stage protests at the Vancouver South federal riding nomination meeting of the party. That would only embarrass Trudeau further.

The meeting is from 6 to 8 p.m. at Vancouver’s Sunset Community Centre – 6810 Main Street, Vancouver.

Barj Dhahan Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Barj Dhahan
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

There is deep resentment at the manner in which Trudeau’s supporters who are members of the World Sikh Organization – that includes Prem Vinning – reportedly manipulated matters to force well-respected Vancouver businessman Barj Dhahan to drop out of the nomination race. Sajjan’s father is a well-know WSO figure.

Sajjan claims he has nothing to do with the WSO, and the WSO as an organization says it does not support any party or individual in politics.

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