Hockey dad Terry Litt sentenced for threatening nine-year-old player

Photo courtesy CBC
Photo courtesy CBC

BURNABY hockey dad Terry Litt, 57, has pleaded guilty to uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm to nine-year-old Rocky Bhala, who was his son’s teammate.

He was sentenced on Thursday to a conditional discharge with 12 months probation, the CBC reported.

The two hockey players got into an argument after a game at a North Vancouver arena on February 21 and when Litt intervened, it got worse.

The kids had had physical altercations in the past, the court was told.

Rocky told CBC that he told the other kid to stop giving him a little punch every time they met and finally “one day when he was having trouble taking off his jersey, I punched him.”

The kid’s dad shouted at Rocky that if he touched his kid again, he’d kill him. He repeated that a few times. Rocky said he was traumatized and scared.

Litt’s lawyer told the court that what happened that day was completely out of character. Litt took six weeks of anger management courses. Lit, who has no criminal history, admitted that he had no excuse for his behaviour that day.

Litt was told to apologize to Rocky and avoid contact with him and his family.

Rocky’s father, Ron Bhala, is satisfied with the outcome, but remains upset with the Burnaby Winter Club because the coaches didn’t protect his son, the CBC reported.