Horgan and NDP side with ICBC over B.C. drivers: Wilkinson

THE B.C. Liberals said on Wednesday that the NDP chose helping ICBC over helping B.C. drivers struggling with skyrocketing car insurance rates as Premier John Horgan and Attorney General David Eby’s long-awaited ICBC reforms, which prioritize making ICBC better for the company and not British Columbians, were announced.

“British Columbians are fed up with paying the highest car insurance premiums in the country and John Horgan and the NDP’s answer is to get ICBC more active on Twitter and open a ‘fairness office’ 18 months from now,” said BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson. “It’s starting to sound like David Eby just plans on getting British Columbians to pay for the wood he keeps throwing on his dumpster fire over at ICBC.”

The B.C. Liberals said that the do-nothing ICBC reforms announced follow on the heels of Tuesday’s damning report from accounting firm MNP that showed British Columbians pay up to 42 per cent more for car insurance compared to drivers in Alberta. Unsurprisingly, Eby disagreed with the report, which follows the NDP habit of ignoring reports they don’t like the results of.

“There are drivers in B.C. this month getting ICBC bills for $6,000 but John Horgan and David Eby’s response is simply to make the bureaucracy bigger? How is this helping affordability?” added MLA Jas Johal, BC Liberal Critic for ICBC. “ICBC is no longer working for people and it’s time to allow competition, provide choices, and let British Columbians decide what works best for them — not what makes insurance companies the most money.”

B.C. drivers have seen the average ICBC premium go up a staggering 18.2 per cent under the NDP, and ICBC projects a 24 per cent increase in premium prices over the next three years.