Horgan’s ride-hailing mismanagement leaves accessible taxi users paying the price: BC Liberals

FOLLOWING Monday’s announcement that the Vancouver Taxi Association will be cutting all subsidies for accessible taxis, Surrey-South MLA Stephanie Cadieux is speaking out about how the NDP’s mismanagement of the ride-hailing file will now lead to accessible taxi users being unfairly punished.

“Many people with mobility challenges rely on accessible taxis to safely transport them around the city. It’s completely unfair that the NDP government’s mismanagement of ride-hailing will now leave people with disabilities stranded,” said Cadieux on Tuesday. “It took the NDP almost three years to bring in ride-hailing but thanks to [Premier] John Horgan’s bungling of the file from the very beginning, Metro Vancouverites are still paying the price.”

The Vancouver Taxi Association announced on Monday that in addition to raising a legal challenge against Metro Vancouver ride-hailing companies, it would also no longer be subsidizing accessible vehicles, meaning that accessible taxis will no longer be required to pick up a fare that has requested an accessible taxi.

“It’s a disappointing move from the Vancouver Taxi Association to penalize people with disabilities. However, the blame lies at the feet of the NDP government as it continues to fall short of supplying meaningful transportation options for British Columbians,” said Cadieux. “We need action now, not more empty words.”