How to hide from police – and still be caught!

Vancouver Police dog
Vancouver Police dog

AN Alberta felon is now behind bars after he was found hiding inside a sofa in an East Vancouver home.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Vancouver Police Fugitive Unit received information that an Alberta felon was living in an East Vancouver home. The 36-year-old man was on the run after being ordered to serve a three-and-a-half year sentence for drug offences.

Police, armed with a search warrant, entered the home and looked high and low for their man. As officers began to give up hope that their suspect was inside, an alert police canine began to focus on a sofa in the living room. Officers lifted the sofa, removed the fabric from the bottom and found the wanted fugitive hiding inside.

Even veteran police officers were amazed at his hiding spot.

“In my 24 years of police service, I have never in my career seen a suspect hide inside the body of the sofa,” said VPD Inspector Ian Upton.

Adam Harlock is now being returned to Alberta to finish his sentence. His new accommodations might not include a sofa as comfortable as the one he was found hiding in.