Indian-American woman dragged to death by truck

In a tragic incident, a 58-year-old Indian-American woman was killed when a youth struck her with a pickup vehicle and dragged her for nearly five kilometres after an altercation at a motel, police said.

Kanchanben Patel and her husband, who worked at the motel, were hit by the youth who had an altercation with them about the illegal use of a room.

Moses Acloque, 22, hit Kanchanben with his pickup truck and dragged her for three miles, killing her, police said.

Acloque was arrested in Foxborough late Monday night just after a state trooper reported seeingthe body of Kanchanben under his Ford F150 vehicle.

Employees at Arbor Inn Motel told police that Acloque and another man had sped away from their property after refusing to pay their bill when he hit the couple, who recently celebrated becoming US citizens.

After smashing one car, MyFoxBoston reports, he struck Kanchanben and her husband.

Acloque was arraigned this morning in Wrentham District Court on multiple charges, including leaving the scene of an accident causing death, prosecutors said.