Indian girl steals mother’s gold jewellery with Pakistani lover, arrested at airport

The Sharjah Police has arrested a young Indian girl and her Pakistani boyfriend while the duo were attempting to escape from the UAE after stealing 20kg of gold jewellery belong to the girl’s mother.

A 20-year-old Indian girl and her Pakistani boyfriend have been arrested for trying to rob and smuggle 20 kilograms of her mother’s gold jewellery in order to settle down outside the country, Sharjah Police have said.

The 20-year-old girl, identified only by her initials – NKD, disappeared after her mother left her in a taxi giving the impression that she had been kidnapped.

However, it turned out that the two were after the girl’s mother’s gold worth approximately Rs 5 crore (3 million dirhams) for a new life abroad.

According to reports, her mother was preparing documents to take the gold back to India at the Sharjah Customs Department when the incident happened.

The police said the mother informed them that her daughter had gone missing but it was later discovered that she was not kidnapped. The girl switched off her phone and took the gold to her boyfriend identified only as MAM, a Pakistani, who had conspired with her to quietly slip out of the country.

The plan was that he would follow his girlfriend after finding a way to transport the jewellery, police said.
Police said an investigative team arrested the girl within hours as she tried to escape through one of the country’s airports.

According to police, the duo has confessed to their crime.