Indian-origin man dies serving jail time in Canada for wife’s murder

An Indian origin man, who was serving time in jail for killing his wife and business partner for insurance claims in Canada, has died at a hospital.

Sukhwinder Singh Dhillon of Hamilton city in the Canadian province of Ontario, who was serving an indeterminate sentence for first-degree murder at Warkworth Institute in Toronto, died at a hospital in Kingston in Ontario Monday, the Sun News reported.

He was in jail since 2001 after he was found guilty of murdering his wife, Parvesh Kaur Dhillon, Feb 3, 1995, and business associate, Ranjit Singh Khela June 23, 1996.

After toxicology tests, poison was found in the victims’ bodies.

Dhillon collected C$300,000 in an insurance claim after his wife died.

He was arrested after he made claim for $200,000 from Khela’s life insurance policy.

Police also suspected Dhillon may have been involved in three other poisoning deaths in India.

His third wife and twin infants born to his second wife all allegedly died of poisoning.

The cause of Dhillon’s death was not known.