Indian Population in Britain Surges To 694,000

LONDON: Indians have become the largest foreign-born group in London, says a study.

According to the study by Oxford University, Indians now make up about 9 percent of London citizens who were born abroad.

As of 2011, roughly 263,000 people of London’s population were born in India, according to the study. Other major foreign-born groups in London are Pakistanis (112,457) and Bangladeshis (109,948).

There are about 3 million residents of London who were born abroad. They make up about 37 percent of London’s total population of 8.17 million.

Overall, foreign-born people now account for 13 percent of population in England and Wales – up from 9 percent in 2001.

As of 2011, the population of Indians in Britain was 694,000 – up from 456,000 in 2001. Which means the Indian population of Britain has jumped up by 54 percent during the decade.

The population of Pakistanis in Britain also increased from 308,000 to 480,000 during the decade – up 56 percent. The Bangladeshis in Britain numbered 210,000 – up 39 percent since 2001.

Interestingly, Indians have now overtaken the Irish in terms of the biggest foreign-born group in England and Wales.

However, the Polish-born population of England and Wales has jumped tenfold since 2001 – up from 58,000 in 2001 to 579,000 in 2011.

People from India and Poland “alone account for more than a quarter of the increase in the size of England and Wales’ migrant population,’’ says the study.

Between 2001-2011, London’s population rose by 14 percent from about 7.17 million to 8.17 million. But the city’s foreign-born population jumped up by 54 percent.

About 3.8 million came to Britain between 2001 and 2011. Which is more than the 3.7 million people who came to Britain during the previously half century.

If Britain maintained these levels of immigration, by 2031 London will have 7.11 million foreign residents and 5.07 million British.

Interestingly, Maharaja Dalip Singh, son of the last Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab, was the first Indian to set foot on British soil in 1853. He was brought to London by the British after the annexation of Punjab. And Dadabhai Naoroji, a Bombay-born Parsi, was the first Indian and Asian to become an MP in Britain in 1892. (News East West)