Jinny Sims honoured for social justice work on behalf of migrant workers

HEADLINES AWARD MP Jinny Sims Receives UFCW award

NDP MP Jinny Sims was recognized by United Food and Commercial Workers and the Agricultural Workers Alliance on November 4 with one of five UFCW-AWA awards distributed annually.

Sims received the award for having worked closely with UFCW to stop the government’s blacklisting of migrant farm workers in British Columbia, and for exposing and pressuring the federal government’s withholding of EI benefits from seasonal agricultural workers.

“It’s social justice,” said Sims.  “I am a fair and practical person, and if you pay into a benefit fund, it stands to reason you can also draw from it. I am honoured and humbled by this award.”

“This award should not be mine alone,” said Sims on stage. “I am accepting this on behalf of all my NDP colleagues – it was a team effort, and there is still so much more work to be done.”