Kevin Falcon: Disastrous week for NDP as incompetency overwhelms BC

IT didn’t take long for BC Liberal leadership hopeful Kevin Falcon to hit back at the NDP that had laucnhed a series of attacks on him.
Team Kevin Falcon issued an attack on Friday, saying: “BC Liberal leadership John Horgan’s blasé attitude towards BC’s post-COVID recovery is out of touch with the needs of British Columbians. After years of the NDP’s inability to make British Columbia a more attractive place to live and work, this week’s laundry list of failures shows their utter lack of competence and leadership.”
It said: “The NDP is focused on attacking Kevin Falcon’s past when they should be answering for their failures this week.”
According to the Team:

1. Horgan was adamant that the U.S. would not pass a bill that allowed cruise ships to bypass BC ports — yet it passed unanimously. (When was the last time the U.S. Congress passed anything unanimously?)

2. The NDP dragged their feet on investing in energy independence for far too long. The remaining investor in the Kitimat LNG project is pulling out — wasting millions of dollars and killing good-paying jobs for the community.

3. The Information Commission is calling out the NDP for their lack of transparency and “secretive treatment” of the new InBC crown corp. — a $500 million fund of taxpayer money being put towards extremely risky business investments.

4. BC’s once-flourishing tourism industry is now floundering thanks to NDP negligence. Thousands of small business operators have been waiting for over a year for help while the NDP pick winners and losers for their modest $50 million fund.

5. BC has lost its “Hollywood North” crown to Ontario this past year and it isn’t all the pandemic’s fault. The NDP failed to protect this vital industry from competing provinces, making post-pandemic recovery that much more difficult.

The Team said: “For far too long, John Horgan’s government has taken advantage of British Columbians with an “I know better” attitude. It’s time for the NDP to answer for their many, many failures.”


  1. I especially liked it when Kevin said the BC Liberals should change the name of the party. He nailed it! Trudeau and his inept gang have moved Canada so far down the list of nations it’s unbelievable. Christie Clark looked great in a hard hat but that was her high point. A brief look back in BC’s history finds a Premier that walked away from his Conservative Party, convinced several of his colleagues, a few Liberals, one CCF (precursor to the NDP) Tilly Ralston to join, even had one Independent agree NOT to oppose (Leo Nimsick) History was made. It could happen again.

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