Latest Leger survey and Ipsos poll show NDP still leading by large margin

ACCORDING to the latest Leger survey, if the provincial election were held today, the NDP would capture the highest proportion of the popular vote (47%) among decided voters followed by the Liberal Party (36%).

The survey was conducted from October 18 to 21 with a margin of error of plus or minus 3%, 19 times out of 20,

The NDP maintain a significant lead over the Liberals despite the gradual increase in the proportion of voters who intend to vote Liberal over the three waves of polling.

Over one-third (37%) feel John Horgan is the Party leader that ran the best campaign, although almost as many (33%) say they don’t know.

John Horgan has relatively high appeal both within his party and across parties; Andrew Wilkinson has relatively low appeal both within and across parties.

Marginally more chose Sonia Furstenau as running the best campaign (14%) than chose Andrew Wilkinson (11%).

Half (49%) of respondents have already voted in the upcoming BC election taking place on October 24.

Far more older voters (55+) have already voted (63%) compared to those under 55 (39%).

Three in five (59%) intend to vote in person at a polling station, while two in five (38%)

intended to vote by mail-in ballot.

One-quarter (23%) of respondents say they will vote on Election Day, while seven in ten (71%) say they will vote before the election via either mail-in ballot or at the advanced polls.

ACCORDING to the latest Ipsos poll commissioned by Global News, 51 per cent of decided voters plan on voting for the NDP, 34 per cent for the BC Liberals and 12 per cent for the BC Greens.

According to Ipsos polling, the 17-point lead for the NDP has remained consistent from the start to the finish of the campaign.

The NDP leads by a substantial margin in both seat-rich Metro Vancouver and among high-turnout older voters.

The poll shows the NDP is expected to pick up seats in every region of the province, with the party leading by 28 points on Vancouver Island, 21 points in Metro Vancouver and by three points in the Southern Interior/North.

As for who would make the best premier, Horgan is the choice of 45 per cent of those polled, Wilkinson is the choice of 17 per cent and Furstenau is the choice of 14 per cent.

This poll was conducted from October 19 to 22, and the overall poll is accurate to within plus or minus 2.9 percentage points, 19 times out of 20, had all eligible voters been polled.