LIBERAL LEADERSHIP RACE: Dianne Watts advocates for communities in cannabis discussion

Dianne Watts
Photo by Jay Sharma of Mahi Photo Studio

BC Liberal leadership candidate Dianne Watts on Monday announced her position on the upcoming legalization of cannabis, stating: “A comprehensive strategy must be in place that ensures communities are not bearing the costs of implementation and enforcement.”
Watts pointed out: “Legalization is coming and we have one shot to get it right. Costs associated with legalization simply can’t be borne by local governments, we need a clear and transparent plan to ensure that tax monies raised in communities stay in those communities to assist with policing of direct result implications such as impaired driving. I believe that if it is sold in a community, the associated tax revenue needs to stay in that community.”
Watts said she believed that it was imperative that local governments be at the table in all discussions regarding the implementation of legalization. The provincial role would be to “keep our communities and roads safe, promote public health and harm reduction, and protect British Columbia’s young people.”
Watts, who noted she was recognized by an international think-tank based in Europe as one of the top four mayors in the world during her time as mayor of the City of Surrey, said she has consistently championed the idea that despite three orders of government (local, provincial and federal) there is only a single taxpayer, believing that governments need to work harder to ensure cooperation in service provision.For more information visit: