Leger’s weekly survey: COVID-19 vaccine

ACCORDING to Leger’s weekly survey:

* 63% of Canadians and 47% of Americans state that they intend to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it has been approved by Health Canada/the FDA and is available to the public free of charge.
* 65% of Canadians and 45% of Americans think that when an approved COVID-19 vaccine is available in their respective countries, it should be made available to certain groups before others (i.e. on a priority basis).
* If the COVID-19 vaccine is made available on a priority basis, Canadians and Americans think that institutional healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, aides, etc.) and seniors (aged 65+) should receive it first.

* 72% of Canadians and 44% of Americans think Trump’s decisions and actions during his recovery from COVID-19 were very reckless and endangered others.

* When asked to choose between the two, 72% of Canadians and 63% of Americans feel that preventing the spread of COVID-19 is more important than preventing economic fallout and job losses.