Let’s Be Cops (PG) **

Law and Order?

Lets Be CopsEfforts to serve and protect get turned on their ear with the release of Let’s Be Cop. Yet another send-up of a popular film genre is any escapade from 20th Century Fox. Head down to your local Cineplex Odeon Cinema or some secondary theatres to check this out.

Life in The city can be trying. Bigger struggles occur for folks who relocate. A couple of Iowans find themselves in the slow lane if fast L.A. Bumbling pals Ryan and Justin just can’t seem to get their act together. Both Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. are a likeable pair in The best Odd Couple tradition.

These jerks find themselves In Way over their heads when they attend a party as cops and then try passing themselves off as the real thing. Sure, there are some benefits of having a badge and being a man in a uniform. Stereotypes like this are a dime a dozen. But when our gumshoes square off against some ruthless thugs the tables are turned over.

Director Luke Greenfield who co-wrote this fort knows his way around the crime beat. For sure there are some funny lines during it’s 104 minute trajectory. Even the boys’ personal feelings, shortcomings and fears come into play on this somewhat standard but still mildly entertaining encounter.

By Robert Waldman