Sin City: A Dame To kill For (PG) **

Power Play!

Sin CityRub the wrong people the wrong way and chances are you’ll wind up in a heap of trouble. Lots of scores are for settling in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. Based on the hot graphic novel series the second Sin City big screen adaptation is just as violent and thought-provoking as the original. Get in in the fun of this EOne entertainment extravaganza at Cineplex Odeon Theatres still left standing in B.C.

Again directors Robert Rodriguez and writer Frank Miller for more sensational mayhem in one very bad community. All the elements of a dysfunctional society are present and there for the taking. Here we have a Few separate tales of lust, power and corruption weaving their way into and out of various creepy characters’ lives.

Dark and brooding is the atmosphere but the different tales are very intriguing. Take young Johnny, a hot tempered steady as she goes gambler taking on a ruthless powerbroker named Roarke. Politicians everywhere will do well to heed the actions of Powers Boothe who gives rage a bad name while Joseph Gordon-Levitt goes all in as a card shark par excellence.

Women provide many focal points in life and in Sin City Ava leads many a man astray. Bond babe Eva Green (Casino Royale) shows her ample charms as an amazon with Dwight and Marv both In her sights. Trust Josh Brolin and Mickey Rourke to bring lots of firepower to the party as the tensions and sexual angst grows by the minute.

A bit long and perhaps with one too many encounters Sin City: A Dame To Kill For still packs a wallop in the sex and violence genre and is well worth seeing if you like your entertainment fix raw and graphic.

By Robert Waldman