Lions win but lose Lulay


IT wasn’t much of an offensive battle; actually let’s be honest here, it wasn’t much of anything at all. The only thing that happened in this game were a few field goals.

The Lions went to Ottawa looking to take advantage of the least offensively active team in the league who haven’t won since their second game this season. That was in June. So it would be an understatement to say that BC was looking forward to expanding their offensive outreach up front, especially after the loss against Saskatchewan.

Coming off a bye week, BC got their much needed healing time and an extra week for Travis Lulay to get game ready for what would be his first start this season. While it lacked scoring, the excitement factor was brought out by Lulay who looked to be finding his rhythm as the clock ticked away. He connected on 18 of his 27 pass attempts while collecting 50 yards on the rush. There may have been some hesitancy in his pass game but as the numbers show, he made up for it with his run game which led all players on the field.

Just when it started to look as though he was feeling confident and comfortable, the final minute of the contest erased all of that. With just 46 seconds remaining, he whiffed on the snap as Ottawa blitzed and in the midst of a dog pile and wrestling match to gain control, Lulay aggravated his shoulder injury again. He was done for the game and everyone watching knew they wouldn’t be seeing number 14 for a while.

The Lions confirmed Monday afternoon that Travis Lulay did suffer a shoulder dislocation and after an evaluation, was placed on the six-game injured list.

“Travis has suffered a shoulder dislocation very similar to the one he had last season,” Dr. Bob McCormack said in a statement. “Due to the nature of the injury, the surgery which was performed on Travis’ shoulder last winter has essentially been undone.”

Do six games end up being the rest of the season for Travis? At this point, his career could be in jeopardy as that shoulder will never be 100% fit.

When posed the question of this being career ending for Lulay, Mike Benevides answered, “I’m not willing to go there just yet.”

Neither are we.