Local organizations facing difficulties as funding for Skills Link Program faces unexplained delays: Jinny Sims

NDP MP Jinny SimsCOMMUNITY organizations in Surrey are facing difficulties as funding for the Skills Link Program has faced unexplained delays. NDP MP Jinny Sims said: “Local service providers have been contacting my office because they are unable to obtain information about their Skills Link funding applications.”

Federal funding through the Skills Link program aims to help youth with barriers to employment to develop the skills necessary to join the job market. Organizations which have received funding for many years are now waiting and unsure about how they will afford to pay staff and rent.

“Local Service Canada staff have been very helpful with inquiries, but the delays and lack of information appear to be happening in Ottawa,” said Sims, “At this point, I have sent a letter to Minister [Jason] Kenney asking for an answer for these organizations, so they can get back to their work rather than worrying about funding.”