Many staffers told police Mayor Ford did drugs and associated with suspected prostitutes

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he’s suing a number of former staffers who spoke to the police about claims of drug use.

The former staff members also spoke to police about apparent instances of the mayor’s drunken behaviour and supposed interactions with “suspected prostitutes.”
“I never had a prostitute here,” Ford said this morning.

Ford went on to talk about a entry in the document that said he made sexual comments about his former policy advisor, Olivia Gondek.

He used explicit language to describe oral sex.

“[The document] says that that I wanted to eat her p****. I’ve never said that in my life to her, I would never do that,” said Ford. “I’m happily married and have enough to eat at home.”
Toronto’s deputy mayor says under stress, Mayor Rob Ford tends to revert to locker room language. Norm Kelly says what the mayor said this morning was not the language that a chief magistrate should use in public.

Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, who sponsored a motion calling for the mayor to take a leave, now says it’s high time that Ford resigns. He says Ford ”used the P-word in a very derogatory way” and that is completely unacceptable.

But an unapologetic Ford is standing by his comments. He says if people are offended they should put themselves in his shoes and imagine if someone said that about their husband or wife.
Pressure continues to mount on Ford, with city councillors passed a non-binding motion demanding Ford temporarily step aside, something the mayor says he won’t do.

Ford admitted to buying drugs in office, a confession that was followed hours later by the claims he was intoxicated at work, drank while driving, and associated with suspected prostitutes. The claims in the court document came from interviews that police conducted as part of their investigation into a video that appeared to show Ford smoking crack cocaine.
Many of his former staffers told police they thought the mayor was an alcoholic — which Ford has denied.

The accusations have not been proven in court and Ford insists he is not a drug addict.

Two special council meetings have been scheduled for Friday to strip Ford of some of his mayoral powers.