McCallum, Safe Surrey Coalition oppose proposal rezoning 65 acres of ALR in Port Kells

Doug McCallum

MAYORAL candidate Doug McCallum and the Safe Surrey Coalition announced on Monday that they are against the removal of any land from Agricultural Reserve Land (ALR).
McCallum said: “Specifically, we are opposed to the current proposal rezoning 65 acres of in Port Kells. It is Project 15 -0196. City of Surry Engineering Project Number 7815 – 01956-000–00 and it’s currently in process at City Hall.”

He added: “The properties proposed for ALR removal are South of the Freeway at 192nd Avenue. There are two creeks on the properties, several houses, and a nearby elementary school. This doesn’t fit with Safe Surrey Coalition’s concept of smart development.”

McCallum pointed out: “In fact, this Port Kells expansion has some remarkable similarities to the South Surrey Campbell Heights development proposal put forward by Tom Gill, Bruce Haynes and Surrey First Councillors that was soundly rejected by Metro Vancouver.

“Both projects are expansions of industrial parks that were put forward without an adequate transit plans or infrastructure improvements. They are also part of the larger issue which is protecting the Agricultural Land Reserve.”

Steven Pettigrew

Surrey is approximately one third agricultural land, one third parks, and one third development land. This balance makes Surrey unique and must be preserved for our youth, according to the Safe Surrey Coalition.

Steven Pettigrew, Safe Surrey Coalition’s Council candidate, said: “We stand with the community of Port Kells and all of Surrey in opposing this project. We won’t allow the ALR to be rezoned for industrial use. The ALR must be protected for future generations.”